Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today I met with my counselor at UVU to make sure that I am all squared away from graduation, and unfortunately, I am.

I say unfortunately, because it means that that part of my life I've been thinking about for years, the part that was always "when I move up to Logan", "when I'm doing my BA", is here, and it's not just a possibility anymore, and I'm totally freaked out, you guys. I am so freaked out. All of the sudden I have to make all of these decisions and pay for all of these things and I have to decide what books to take with me? It sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I am excited to move, sort of, but I'm mostly just freaked out and worried that I'm going to mess it up and wind up living with my parents again, going to UVU to get some degree I don't care about so I can go live a terrible life doing something I'm not excited about. How terrible would that be?

Every time I think about something I have to do or getting ready to go up there, I have a miniature panic attack and look for a reason to stay here and not go, but I seriously can't find one. I guess that's a good thing? I guess I should be glad I can't find a reason not to go. I'll probably just keep having those until I am driving to Logan to move into my apartment and finally just drive my car into a telephone pole and run out in the show with no jacket on.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

So, if you're going to rape somebody, make sure you do it on campus.

Two Michigan State University basketball player have been accused of rape, and guess what MSU did?

Nothing. They did nothing.

The two basketball players have been moved out of the dorm, and the prosecutor assigned to the case has declined to press charges (even though the victim wants to). Other than that, they have not been punished. They still get to play basketball, attend school, and probably rape other girls without any consequences.

I honestly can't believe that we live in a world where two people like this are allowed to go about their daily lives as if nothing has happened. I can tell you one thing, the girl that they raped isn't going about her life. She was sexually assaulted by two men, and nobody did anything about it.

The reason that nobody wants to prosecute is because there was alcohol involved. So I guess, if you've been drinking rape is okay? When was the last time something was excused because alcohol was involved? Can you imagine a police officer saying, "Well, he hit a six year old kid with his car, but he had been drinking, so we don't really feel like we will be able to prosecute." Or maybe, "Yeah, he mugged an old lady and shot her, but he was on meth, so he didn't know what he was doing." No. Absolutely not. So why is the rape of a woman being treated that way?

I'm so angry about this, and I feel like there's nothing that I can do.

I just hope that the victim of this crime can find help, and can be okay.

End of The Week.

I am so very happy that this week is over. It has been long and tiring and I cannot wait for tomorrow; I get to chill out at home and start my first pair of socks!

Also, this:

He is so sexy when he's serious.