Sunday, October 23, 2011

Being a feminist can be hard

When there is stuff like this going on:
This is a song by Kelis called Bossy. I love dancing and singing to this song, but the other day when I was listening to it, i realized how much they use the word "bitch." Like, "I don't think he understand that you a boss bitch." It made me wonder, why is the best way that this guy can come up with to describe who is supposed be a strong, powerful woman the word "bitch"? It's a derogatory term. I guess when Kelis says it, it could be seen as her owning the word and taking the meaning out of it, but that's not what I see. I see it as us living in a society where strong women who are in charge are bitches because they tell people what to do, or don't let others tell them what to do. When guys do that, they aren't called bastards or dickheads. They're called men. So why is it that we use derogatory words to describe strong women, but not strong men? Interesting.

Okay, so, feminist thought of the day is done. This week was awesome/crazy/emotional.

One of my best friends, Kayla, got married yesterday. It was so much fun. She and her husband are presh, and I love them a lot. I did cry though. Kind of a lot. My parents took me to B&N and bought me two books though! They really do love me.

It was also fall break, and I did my best to relax for the two days we had off school. I started knitting a new monster!

I have a murder mystery party tomorrow that I am very excited for! My outfit is pretty great, and I have a character to play that is very very different from me. Her name is Mimzy. Whaaaaa? Yeah.

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