Friday, July 8, 2011

Love my new job/hate all boys ever

Yaaay! I have a new joooob! It's at a very cute clothing store called Crazy 8 that sells kids clothes. i love it! It's very part time, but fun nonetheless, and I work with some really cool girls. Plus, the store manager is such a cool lady. The work is more involved and there's always something for me to be doing.

On another note, I hate dudes. They say that girls are so complicated, but I think they are the ones that need some sorting out. This dude I have been into is half-heartedly interested in me, and I am tired of it. So I'm just going to retire to my room and knit and read and watch movies for the rest of my life.

I've been going to Seven Peaks a couple of times a week, and yesterday I got sunburned pretty badly. I was worried my chiropractor would be mad at me, but don't worry, he wasn't. I just look like a lobster. Mmmmmm. Lobster.

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  1. Don't retire to your room. Go out and find a new boy! Congrats on the job.