Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey guys! Remember me?

I always tell myself I'm going to do mad picture posts on here, and then I just get upset because Blogger's picture uploader is SO difficult to deal with. I hate it. I hate it so bad!

So anyway, here I am. It's been a while, I know. Here's what's been happening.

  1. I am on a major writing kick. I'm working on like, three short storing, and a couple of essay-type things that I am really enjoying. I love writing. I am having so much fun doing it. I have been submitting writing to different websites, trying to get articles published, so hopefully in the next few weeks that will come to fruition.
  2. I just read Tina Fey's memoir Bossypants. She is seriously so cool. Reading her book made me appreciate just how cool she is. She's very smart, hilarious, and a bomb-ass feminist. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. I think she's a really great example for women who want to break into industries that are "boy's clubs." I didn't realize how much of one comedy was, and I think she's done a lot to rectify that. Just super cool.
  3. The kiosk I have worked at for the last year is closed. Boo hoo. I really am pretty bummed out. Not only because I now have to find a new job, but also because I really enjoyed working for my boss, and my co-workers were pretty cool too. I am hopefully getting a job at another store in the mall, but it will only be a few nights a week, so I'll have to find something else to supplement that.
  4. I bought a jumper. This might not seem like a big deal, but it definitely is. It looks really cute on me.
  5. I bought tickets to see Death Cab For Cutie in August! I am so so unbelievably excited! This will be my third time seeing them in concert, and I am hoping the third time's a charm as far as my dreams of meeting them or even getting them to look at me when I scream their names.
  6. I got bangs! So. . .pretty exciting stuff. That was a while ago, though, so not very relevant.
I think that's all as far as numbered list items go. . .

This is a new song from my favorite hip-hop artist right now. He's really smart, but his music is never pretentious or annoying or awful. I like 'im. Be warned, there is a little language. But the goodness of the song is worth it, I think.


  1. Glad to see you post something. I hope to see your stuff published soon. I'm sorry the kiosk closed. This might be insensitive. But at least you were able to buy your car before it did! Also, you put "got bangs" on your list which was before your trip here, and you didn't put "went to Colorado." Whatever.

  2. Also, you don't know Tegan and Sara! That was the last Death Cab concert, right?