Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey all.

As you might know, I have about a zillion blog-things floating out there in the ether. Well, I have decided to bring all of them here, so you can read about me, see about me, and keep up with me in one place, which I know all of you have been dying to do.

So here we go!

As of late, I have been pretty busy, with the exception of the last few days, but I'll get to that later.

Currently, I am working two jobs. One is selling Pillow Pets at the mall (BOMB) and the other is grading papers for a professor at UVU. Awesome, right? Yeah. It's pretty great. They add up to about 22 hours a week, so I'm not actually working that much. Come summertime I might have to find another job. Because. . .I'm moving out! Yeah. My friend Marlyse got it in my head that she wanted me to move out with her, and now I've got it in my head that I want to move out. So, you know. Should be just great,

I'm also taking 14 credits at UVU. I'm currently enrolled in personal health and wellness, humanities, oil painting, political science, and physical science. I have to take a biology class in the first summer semester, then I will be done with my associates! Booya! I will most likely go to Utah State next spring, but that's pretty far off in the future I feel like.

Okay, so, for the last like, three weeks I have been sick non-stop. But the last few days have been sort of the pinnacle of my sickness. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said I should be feeling better in the next few days, which is good, because I have missed some school and I am not feeling okay about it.

Also, I am still taking pictures and I love it and I am photographing my aunt Charly's wedding this spring, which I am SOOOO SO excited about!

That's all for the moment.

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