Sunday, December 18, 2011

Feminism is hard, guys. I mean. . .girls.

                I’m a lady, and I’m in my twenties (just barely). During the last year, I have come into my own in regards to feminism. I have become, at times, hyperconscious of the way that women are portrayed in the media, the way that women are treated in society, and things that are so ingrained into our brains by a male-dominated society that it’s hard to even notice that they’re there sometimes. All of this, paired with my daily perusal of blogs written by incredible, intelligent, and powerful feminists, has led me to one conclusion: being a feminist is hard.
                Now, okay, back it up for a second. Let me make one thing clear: it’s not hard to be a feminist. Really all that’s required of you is the belief that women deserve to be treated the same way that men are, and should not be degraded in society or the media. Pretty basic stuff, right? I get the feeling that a lot more people would consider themselves feminists if they knew that was all you had to do. The thing is, being a feminist will make your life harder. At least, it makes mine that way. So many things that I have lived with every day for the last twenty years suddenly upset me and make me conscious of the fact that men have an effect on almost every aspect of my daily life.
                I currently work in a children’s clothing store, and something that I do a million times a day is greet customers. As soon as someone walks into the store, I acknowledge them and ask if I can help them. Think about this: what did you say the last time you walked up to a group of your friends at a party? In all likelihood, you said, “Hey guys, what’s up?” I suddenly became aware that the greeting I had been using since I have been working in retail (six years!) is sexist! “Hi, how are you guys doing?” Using a word that describes men to greet a group of people, regardless of their gender, is a product of growing up in a male dominant society that most people do every day without even thinking about. Think about the looks you would get if you greeted a group of men with “Hi, how are you ladies doing?” It would be weird, right? But we feel totally comfortable regarding a group of women as “guys” as a part of our greeting.  This was one of the hardest things for me to change. At first, I felt awkward saying things like, “Hi folks,” or, “How are you two doing today?” After a few days, it got easier, and now I only occasionally catch myself using “guys.”
                Do you see how small things like that, things that we don’t even think about, are affected by a male-dominated society? Becoming an active feminist changed the way that I greet people. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but acknowledging that that sort of thing is a problem is something that I am proud of myself for doing, and it’s small things like that that can help you become a more conscious feminist.
                Some things I have learned flat out didn’t make sense to me before, but after reading and thinking more about them, they seem painfully obvious.
                From the time I was old enough to know that pornography existed, I have been under the impression that it’s inherently anti-women. That point can definitely be argued, because I think there is a lot of pornography that portrays violence against women that more than likely has been a contributor to what a lot of people call the “rape culture” that we live in. However, I don’t believe that all pornography is like that.
                I recently watched an interview that Tyra Banks did with a porn star named Sasha Grey. Besides the other issues that I have with Tyra Banks, after forming a new opinion on pornography, I took issue with the way that she treated Sasha. Sasha wanted to become a porn star. Sasha says in the interview that she feels that what she does is empowering and that she enjoys doing it. To Sasha, I say, you go girl. I have made very different choices in regards to my sex life than Sasha has, but you know what is great about feminism? It’s all about a community of people respecting the choices that women make, be it in regards to their jobs or their sexual partners, because men are given freedom to make any decisions they want about their sex life.
                The reason I took issue with the way that Tyra chose to conduct this interview was that she seemed to be under the impression that there must be something wrong with Sasha, or something traumatic that happened to her that made her want to be a porn star. Basically, she implied, not very subtly, that there must be something wrong with Sasha that would make her want to be this free and expressive with her sexuality, and that bothered me.
                Sasha, in everything that I had read about her, seems to be very open about the fact that she enjoys doing pornography, but this is unbelievable for Tyra. A woman like Tyra Banks could have so much positive influence on this matter. I know that she has had an influence on the way that the media views big women, because she is one herself. She should be sending the message that women should be comfortable with their sexuality, and should feel comfortable expressing it. What she’s actually saying to the people watching her show is that women shouldn’t want to openly display or express their sexuality, and that there must be something wrong with Sasha because she is in a career in pornography that she enjoys.
                I could rant for a long time about why I don’t like Tyra banks, but I digress. The point is, if I had watched this interview last year I would have thought to myself, “What a sad life, this young girl has been forced into doing porn and even says she likes it! She must have been molested by her dad.” But when I watched it tonight, I thought to myself, “Good for her. Also, why doesn’t Tyra Banks try being supportive of a girl who was willing to come on tv and talk about her career in porn, even though she knew she was probably going to be treated like this, instead of trying to make her feel bad for liking sex?”
                When we tell women that they are wrong for being sexual in the way they choose to be, whether it be abstinence or working in pornography, we are supporting a society in which women are oppressed. As women, we need to support the decisions that others make. Granted, there are times when a woman’s sexual activities can be indicative of emotional or mental problems that she is having, but this is only as common, I believe, as women using drugs or alcohol in excess, and should be treated in the same way that either of those are treated; I also think it’s just as common in men. It seems to me that a lot of women who are promiscuous are seen as either victims or sluts; people think there is something wrong with them that would make them want to have sex. I think that people can use sex as a coping mechanism at times, and that people who are molested are probably prone to having an unhealthy attitude towards sex later in life, or feeling that sex is the best way to make themselves feel better or to make people love them. It happens, but the point is, men do it too, and this isn’t an exclusively female phenomenon.
Men with sexual appetites are regarded by society as normal, and women with sexual appetites shouldn’t be seen any differently. They shouldn’t be pitied, or asked if they were molested when they were younger. In all honesty they shouldn’t be asked about it at all, because frankly, it’s none of your business. The best way that we can help women who have been sexually assaulted isn’t to assume that they’re sexually active because of it, and deem every woman who likes having sex as mentally ill; the best way to help women who have been sexually assaulted is to let them know that it wasn’t their fault that it happened to them, and that there are plenty of resources available to them.
Do you see that? Two pages about an interview Tyra Banks did with a porn star. I never would have been able to do that a year ago! Being an active and involved feminist has given me an almost constant inner monologue about my feelings about any given thing happening around me.
I think for a lot of people, it’s easy to see why some movies, television shows, commercials, or advertising campaigns shed a bad light on women, but I think there are a lot of things in the media that are a lot more subtle that slip past us because it’s not explicit, like having a gratuitous rape scene in a movie or a character with obvious issues towards women, and because it can actually be sort of entertaining, so long as it doesn’t bother you that it’s saying something bad about women.
One of the best shows I can think of to illustrate this point is the tv show Whitney. It illustrates my point so well because Whitney is a really funny show sometimes. A lot of the jokes on it are really funny, and the main character, Whitney, is an outspoken and funny lady, which I love. The problem with the show is that if you are paying attention, almost every episode, the plot is driven forward by problems created by Whitney. And not just Whitney getting herself into awkward situations, or dealing with problems created by people she has surrounded herself with, but problems that Whitney creates by being the “annoying girlfriend” archetype.
Episode after episode, Whitney irritates her boyfriend into doing something she wants him to, like taking her out on a date, or taking her to play racquetball, for some ridiculous reason, like she doesn’t feel like their relationship is enough like everyone else’s, or she is upset that he never told her he played racquetball before they started dating. I even get annoyed with her when I watch the show, and I am a fan of hers and a staunch supporter of women who have lead roles!
The thing that I think bothers me is that while the premise of any tv show is the characters handing of problems that come their way, and all of the problems that seem to come Whitney and Alex’s (her boyfriend) way are caused by her. This bothers me because while I realize that this is a completely fictional dramatization of most relationships, there are men, and even women, out there watching Whitney, thinking to themselves, “God, women do really do this whenever they are in relationships.” The show is perpetuating the idea that women are bad at relationships, and that their personalities are something that men have to “deal” with in relationships with them.
Things like Whitney are something that I haven’t totally figure out yet, much like rap music and revealing clothing; while there are ideas and opinions out there about these thing held by incredibly intelligent women, who are much more experienced and savvy in the ways of feminism than I, that I can understand and even appreciate, I can’t bring myself to totally be against these things. They’re just a few of the things that I’m still trying to apply my new feminist mind set to. I’m working on it, every day, and I would encourage you to do the same. The belief that women should be treated the same as men is something that can enrich many aspects of your life.  Even if you still watch that movie you know your favorite feminist blogger would cringe at, or still bump hip hop in your car because you like dancing to it, my belief is that as long as you are conscious of the implications of the way that women are treated and presented in the media and in society, you are on the road to becoming a more conscious and active person in the feminist community, and I think that’s a pretty good thing.
It can be intimidating to become part of a movement so populated by incredible women as feminism, and it can be hard, picking apart every part of your daily life and realizing that even though you’ve always been proud of your lady-hood, you’ve also been blind to a lot of the discrimination that has been going on around you. Being a feminist is hard, but in my opinion, it is more than worth is.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today I met with my counselor at UVU to make sure that I am all squared away from graduation, and unfortunately, I am.

I say unfortunately, because it means that that part of my life I've been thinking about for years, the part that was always "when I move up to Logan", "when I'm doing my BA", is here, and it's not just a possibility anymore, and I'm totally freaked out, you guys. I am so freaked out. All of the sudden I have to make all of these decisions and pay for all of these things and I have to decide what books to take with me? It sucks.

Don't get me wrong, I am excited to move, sort of, but I'm mostly just freaked out and worried that I'm going to mess it up and wind up living with my parents again, going to UVU to get some degree I don't care about so I can go live a terrible life doing something I'm not excited about. How terrible would that be?

Every time I think about something I have to do or getting ready to go up there, I have a miniature panic attack and look for a reason to stay here and not go, but I seriously can't find one. I guess that's a good thing? I guess I should be glad I can't find a reason not to go. I'll probably just keep having those until I am driving to Logan to move into my apartment and finally just drive my car into a telephone pole and run out in the show with no jacket on.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

So, if you're going to rape somebody, make sure you do it on campus.

Two Michigan State University basketball player have been accused of rape, and guess what MSU did?

Nothing. They did nothing.

The two basketball players have been moved out of the dorm, and the prosecutor assigned to the case has declined to press charges (even though the victim wants to). Other than that, they have not been punished. They still get to play basketball, attend school, and probably rape other girls without any consequences.

I honestly can't believe that we live in a world where two people like this are allowed to go about their daily lives as if nothing has happened. I can tell you one thing, the girl that they raped isn't going about her life. She was sexually assaulted by two men, and nobody did anything about it.

The reason that nobody wants to prosecute is because there was alcohol involved. So I guess, if you've been drinking rape is okay? When was the last time something was excused because alcohol was involved? Can you imagine a police officer saying, "Well, he hit a six year old kid with his car, but he had been drinking, so we don't really feel like we will be able to prosecute." Or maybe, "Yeah, he mugged an old lady and shot her, but he was on meth, so he didn't know what he was doing." No. Absolutely not. So why is the rape of a woman being treated that way?

I'm so angry about this, and I feel like there's nothing that I can do.

I just hope that the victim of this crime can find help, and can be okay.

End of The Week.

I am so very happy that this week is over. It has been long and tiring and I cannot wait for tomorrow; I get to chill out at home and start my first pair of socks!

Also, this:

He is so sexy when he's serious.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dog-Sitting, Homecomings, My Tummy Hurts

This weekend, I am dog-sitting for my friends Grant and Shelby. They're in CO, and I'm taking care of their dogs, feeding them and letting them out to do their business and such. It's been sort of nice, but I have had to drive down to Orem every day anyway. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night though, and not having to wake up at 6:30 in the morning to feed the dogs whining outside the door of the room where I'm sleeping.

My friend Kendall came home from his mission on Friday! His homecoming was today, and I was so happy to see him. I gave him a big hug and his family had a luncheon afterwards with really good food. Mmmmmmm. Another really good friend of mine comes home two weeks from Thursday, and I kind of can't believe it. I'm looking forward to seeing him.

I've eaten too much sugar this weekend. My tummy hurts.

I'm about to go to bed; Mike and Mags came over to Grelby's tonight and we watched a show called Bored To Death. So funny! I love Jason Schwartzman, and he's the star. Goodnight!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Being a feminist can be hard

When there is stuff like this going on:
This is a song by Kelis called Bossy. I love dancing and singing to this song, but the other day when I was listening to it, i realized how much they use the word "bitch." Like, "I don't think he understand that you a boss bitch." It made me wonder, why is the best way that this guy can come up with to describe who is supposed be a strong, powerful woman the word "bitch"? It's a derogatory term. I guess when Kelis says it, it could be seen as her owning the word and taking the meaning out of it, but that's not what I see. I see it as us living in a society where strong women who are in charge are bitches because they tell people what to do, or don't let others tell them what to do. When guys do that, they aren't called bastards or dickheads. They're called men. So why is it that we use derogatory words to describe strong women, but not strong men? Interesting.

Okay, so, feminist thought of the day is done. This week was awesome/crazy/emotional.

One of my best friends, Kayla, got married yesterday. It was so much fun. She and her husband are presh, and I love them a lot. I did cry though. Kind of a lot. My parents took me to B&N and bought me two books though! They really do love me.

It was also fall break, and I did my best to relax for the two days we had off school. I started knitting a new monster!

I have a murder mystery party tomorrow that I am very excited for! My outfit is pretty great, and I have a character to play that is very very different from me. Her name is Mimzy. Whaaaaa? Yeah.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Logan: Here I Come?

So, I am moving to Logan in about two and a half months, and I just sort of started freaking out.

I went to dinner with my friend Kellie tonight and while we were talking about it, she asked if I had a job or housing lined up, and I realized I don't, and I haven't even been accepted to the school yet! I'm just nervous. I could crash and burn. I could not get accepted and be stuck here in Orem. I could move up there and like, develop a crippling fear of shaking peoples hands or shoelaces and be paralyzed with fear. What if that happens? I'm very nervous, is what I'm trying to say.

I'm excited, but still very nervous.

Other news:

My best friend is getting married on Saturday. I'm so excited for her, but I also know it means I won't get to see her as much or be able to spend time with her. Husbands are such a drag! Not really. Her fiance is a cool guy. I'm taking pictures for her wedding, and I'm stoked for it.

On Monday, I am going to a murder mystery party!

Also, my dad is a huge geek. I love him, but he's such a nerd.

It's fall break for UVU students, so we don't have school tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow I have work forever, and Friday I'm going to The Bean Museum with my cousin Kiernyn, helping my friend set up for her wedding, and closing at work. Saturday's the wedding, and hopefully on Sunday my friend Alexa and I will be watching LOST all day and finishing that ridiculous television show! I love/hate it more than anything is the whole world.

One of my best friends is coming home in one month from his mission! I'm so excited to see him; it's hard to believe that he's been gone for basically two years.

That's all for now. I hope you're all doing well!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feminism Rules!

First of all, watch this video. I just did, and it made me cry.

Lately, I have discovered that I am definitely a pretty hardcore feminist. I love being a woman, I love my body, and I love what women have accomplished and what we will accomplish.

I think it's so easy to get discouraged about being a woman. In today's society, women feel the pressure to be someone else's idea of perfect, which usually entails being tall and thin, having clear skin, long, wavy hair, a kick-ass wardrobe, and probably some hot man candy. The fact of the matter is, hardly any women look like that, and for a lot of women, it's not possible. Making us feel insecure about our looks is one of the biggest ways that men gain control over women. In a society that takes everything at face value, it's easy to judge people based on how they look.

Women aren't built to be thin. We're built to have babies and protect them. Our bodies are meant to be strong and healthy and active, and I am one hundred percent sure that we were not put on this earth to be hungry and pining to look like someone else our whole lives.

Now, I'm not saying that being thin is bad, because its not. But what my point is is that neither is being fat, or short, or having curly hair or a crooked nose, or a big mouth. We can't, to a large degree, control what we look like. But we can control what we think and feel about ourselves. Some women like eating, some women like exercising. Some women are muscular, and others are fleshy. Women's bodies are capable of such variety, it's amazing really, but so often we ignore the things that are so incredible about our bodies because they don't look like women in movies or tv shows.

I honestly believe that the idea of perfection that many people have about looks is something created by a few (not very smart) men who want women to submit to them. If we are too busy worrying about our weight or what others think about our bodies, how can we apply our minds to anything? How can we solve the great problems of the world? How can we support and encourage each other? A male standard or "beauty" is no standard at all; it's a pipe dream.

In a perfect world, all women would realize that their bodies are strong and beautiful, and more importantly, their minds are also strong and beautiful. Whether you are straight or gay, black or white, transgender, religious or not, rich or poor, whatever, you are a powerful creature, capable of so much more than a male-controlled society will let you do.

At first, I thought that it would be difficult to push back against these ideals, and then I found easy ways to do it in m every day life.

1. I like wearing skinny jeans and fitted shirts. I do it. I don't care if people don't like my muffin top or my big boobs. I don't care if my thighs rub together, and I don't care if maybe wearing two different kinds of plaid together is not the best idea. I am going to wear what I want.

2. I do not condone or participate in slut shaming, or any kind of judging of other women's sex lives. I live by the S&P code. Women's bodies are their own to do whatever they want with them, especially when it comes to sex. I'm a virgin, and I don't really plan on having sex anytime soon, but what business of mine is it if another woman wants to? Slut shaming is another thing that men pulled out of their butts one day to control women. You've all heard the argument that a man sleeping around is okay, and even encouraged, but women are sluts if they do? It's absolutely true. Men are often rewarded by their peers for being sexually active. Women, though? Sleeping with lots of guys makes them easy.

3. I speak my mind and don't let anyone tell me what to do. Being a feminist is that easy. All you have to do is be yourself and not apologize for it, to anyone, ever. We have as much a right to have a personality, have ideas, be outspoken, make mistakes, and be political as men do, and everyone should exercise that.

To the women reading this: you are powerful, you are important, you are beautiful, inside and out. I love you, and I support you in everything that you do. I hope that you extend these feelings to all the women in your life. I truly believe that it is in our power to make changes in the world that matter if we work together and make the world a positive place for females.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Feeling Weird.

I'm great at naming these, huh?

I'm feeling weird today. Yesterday, I found out that the mom of a girl I was best friends with in grade school passed away. She's been sort of sick (I think she had emphysema or something like that) as long as I've known her, and it's just really sad that she's gone. I haven't seen her in a few years. I was invited to the funeral, but I don't think I'm going to go. I hate funerals.

I also think I'm getting sick, which is not fun.

Yesterday was my first real day to just chill out all week; my week was so busy, and I worked all weekend. Saturday was my last day at Pillow Pets, which is sort of bittersweet. Thankfully, I won't be so busy anymore, and I'll have more time to do. . .I don't know. Other stuff?

Other stuff like grading papers. Which I'm going to do. Now.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kayla's Bridals

I can't put these on Facebook, because I am friends with Kayla's fiance, and I know they aren't the best quality here, but I wanted to show them to someone! I am really proud of these, and I can't wait to show them to Kayla!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, I quit one of my jobs. Yup.

I am no longer an employee at Just For Smiles. Well, as of this Saturday, I'm not. Three jobs was too many, especially with school and sleep and those kinds of things

Not really much else to report. . .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

In which Chantel is an insane person.

Currently my life consists of working three jobs, attending school (even if it IS only two classes), and trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour. The bed thing is pretty tough.

Besides trying to remain totally anti-social at school (headphones, people!), I am also determined to continue my streak of awesome grades from last semester. I am taking a general biology class, and an into to visual arts class. I don't think either of them are going to be very hard, because they are both "for non-majors" type classes, so they are designed for people like me, who are no good at science or remembering things.

I still work at Crazy 8, and I T.A. for a professor, helping pass out attendance cards in class, collecting them, and grading student papers, and the Pillow Pets kiosk opened again a couple of weeks ago. So yay! I am rolling in dough! Or I will be. Someday. I am currently saving most of my money because I burned through a bit of my savings doing repairs on my car and things like that. I need to save because I am moving to Logan in January, which I am very excited for. I will be attending their technical writing program. It's one of the best in the country! Very fancy. So you should probably be really impressed.

Also, I just made what I am affectionately calling a Head Injury Hat for Zombie Prom. I made my mom knit me a beanie, and then I knitted a little section of brain and a grody skin flap to go around it, and seved those on to the hat, and then I stitched some blood on, an voila! Head Injury Hat. I am donating it to the silent auction, and I am very anxious to see if anyone buys it. It is for a good cause, after all.

On a more depressing note, SO MANY of my friends are getting married or having babies, and at twenty, I already feel like an old maid. That's one thing I do not enjoy about living in Utah. Everyone is so anxious to get married and stuff so early, it makes me feel so lame. But, you know, none of my married friends can stay up late watching Misfits and fall asleep in their chair. So, I mean, if you think about it, I'm really sort of living the dream.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Death Cab.Work.School.Agh.

Oh my God! Death Cab For Cutie was last night, and it was so incredible. THEY were so incredible. I absolutely love them, and it was so great to see them in concert so close up. I have seen them twice before, but both of those times I was pretty far away. This time, Jude and I went up crazy early to wait in line, and we were right up front by the railing. I ended up being right in front of Nick Harmer, who is a stud and an incredible bassist, and spent the whole night rocking around and smiling at the audience, and Jason, the drummer. He is so fun to watch, I just really loved it.

Ben was out of this world! He's got this crazy moppy hair that he swings all over the place. It was so cool to see him up close, just doing his thing. He's a wicked performer, and sounds amazing live. Chris Walla is so quiet, and he just kind of hangs out in his little corner of the stage, but I loved watching him no less. He's a crazy talented guy, and a lot of what he does dictates the show. He plays piano a lot and does synthesizer and stuff like that. He's great, and I really enjoyed the show.

In other, less important or exciting news, school and a new job start next week. I am actually sort of excited. I am only taking two classes, and the job I am starting is grading papers for a professor.

My best friend is getting married in a couple of months, it's so crazy! I just did her engagement pictures a few days ago, and it was nuts. They are gorgeous. I also did my friend's family pictures today because her brosef is leaving on his mission tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Love my new job/hate all boys ever

Yaaay! I have a new joooob! It's at a very cute clothing store called Crazy 8 that sells kids clothes. i love it! It's very part time, but fun nonetheless, and I work with some really cool girls. Plus, the store manager is such a cool lady. The work is more involved and there's always something for me to be doing.

On another note, I hate dudes. They say that girls are so complicated, but I think they are the ones that need some sorting out. This dude I have been into is half-heartedly interested in me, and I am tired of it. So I'm just going to retire to my room and knit and read and watch movies for the rest of my life.

I've been going to Seven Peaks a couple of times a week, and yesterday I got sunburned pretty badly. I was worried my chiropractor would be mad at me, but don't worry, he wasn't. I just look like a lobster. Mmmmmm. Lobster.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey guys! Remember me?

I always tell myself I'm going to do mad picture posts on here, and then I just get upset because Blogger's picture uploader is SO difficult to deal with. I hate it. I hate it so bad!

So anyway, here I am. It's been a while, I know. Here's what's been happening.

  1. I am on a major writing kick. I'm working on like, three short storing, and a couple of essay-type things that I am really enjoying. I love writing. I am having so much fun doing it. I have been submitting writing to different websites, trying to get articles published, so hopefully in the next few weeks that will come to fruition.
  2. I just read Tina Fey's memoir Bossypants. She is seriously so cool. Reading her book made me appreciate just how cool she is. She's very smart, hilarious, and a bomb-ass feminist. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. I think she's a really great example for women who want to break into industries that are "boy's clubs." I didn't realize how much of one comedy was, and I think she's done a lot to rectify that. Just super cool.
  3. The kiosk I have worked at for the last year is closed. Boo hoo. I really am pretty bummed out. Not only because I now have to find a new job, but also because I really enjoyed working for my boss, and my co-workers were pretty cool too. I am hopefully getting a job at another store in the mall, but it will only be a few nights a week, so I'll have to find something else to supplement that.
  4. I bought a jumper. This might not seem like a big deal, but it definitely is. It looks really cute on me.
  5. I bought tickets to see Death Cab For Cutie in August! I am so so unbelievably excited! This will be my third time seeing them in concert, and I am hoping the third time's a charm as far as my dreams of meeting them or even getting them to look at me when I scream their names.
  6. I got bangs! So. . .pretty exciting stuff. That was a while ago, though, so not very relevant.
I think that's all as far as numbered list items go. . .

This is a new song from my favorite hip-hop artist right now. He's really smart, but his music is never pretentious or annoying or awful. I like 'im. Be warned, there is a little language. But the goodness of the song is worth it, I think.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oregon, Going On

I just got back from Oregon. I am pretty sad about it.

Thursday morning we (my mom, my grandmother, and me) left on the twelve hour drive to Redmond. It went by so fast! Probably because I was eating and sleeping most of the time. You know how I do. Thursday night was Charly's bachelorette party, but I could go because it was at a bar. Ugh. Stupid drinking age. Anyway...

Friday I spent most of the day with Charly, my aunt, getting ready for her wedding. Oh, did I mention that that is why we went to Oregon? She got married. So awesome. Her new husband is a stud. Getting ready for it was crazy, and kind of made me nervous to get married. But hey, maybe I'll be like Liz Lemon and just never do it! Hahahaha. Ha. Ha. Oh.

Saturday was the wedding, it was great. I got to see a ton of family I haven't seen in years and some that I'd never even met! Plus just spending time with my aunt and her new husband and step-kids was really cool.

I took over 1500 pictures, and I'll post some of them eventually, I just hate dealing with pictures on Blogspot. It's so hard! (That's what she said.)

Now that I'm home I have a million things to catch up on, and I am slowly losing steam, so I leave you here!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Numbered list. Here we go!

Oh. My. Gosh. So much exciting stuff happening this week!

  1. Arcade Fire concert. Incredible. Those seven people are so amazing. It was so humbling/refreshing/revitalizing to watch them do their thing. But I did get a sunburn, and I did get bummed out because I realized that concerts are no longer social events, and so many people go to them and are douchebags to everyone else. But none of that mattered while they were playing. Also, I got a very painful sunburn.
  2. I am planning a trip to Colorado! Next month I'm going to go to Colorado to stay with Hutch and Shelley, and I am so excited! Normally, I don't like to talk so much about such tentative plans, but I am GOING to make this happen. I am so excited! Hutch has come out here twice since he moved to Colorado, but I haven't been out there. I am sooo excited!
  3. I am going to Oregon tomorrow, and I can't wait. My aunt Charly is getting married on Saturday and I am her Maid of Whatever. I am so excited! After the wedding we are going out to the coast for a couple of days and to see some other family.
  4. Also, I have started hating John Dorian. Yep. I am currently working my way through Scrubs, and John Dorian is a pansy of a man. How anyone could be so in love with him they would leave this guy for him is totally beyond me. First of all, every time a woman really needs him, he chickens out. Oh, JD, I'm pregnant with your baby. Oh, I don't think I can handle that. Really, JD? Maybe you shouldn't have GOTTEN HER PREGNANT BEFORE YOU DECIDED YOU COULDN'T HANDLE A BABY. He is awful.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thanks Hutch!

Hutch so kindly reminded me that I need to write on this bad boy! Okay, he's not so bad. He's actually kind of cool. Beside the point.

It's Wednesday, and I feel like I am still recovering from last week. I was in this insane funk, and didn't go to a bunch of classes and took like, a hundred naps and just felt really down. But a few things happened to make that end. Number one, MY TRIP TO OREGON FOR CHARLY'S WEDDING IS IN ONE WEEK AND I CAN'T WAIT. Number two, Death Cab For Cutie did a live, one-take music video broadcast last night, and it was awesome. Their new single, You Are A Tourist is pretty incredible. Death Cab has been my favorite band for a long time, and I am SO excited to get their new album. But it doesn't come out for two months. Booooo.

Okay, also, The Arcade Fire concert in on Monday, and it is going to be so great. This will be the second time I am seeing them live, and I am so beyond stoked. The first time I saw them I mostly went to see LCD Soundsystem, but this time it is all them, baby.

Work has been going really well. My boss is looking to open up new kiosks, I'll be working tons and saving up money for school for the summer, and I am really excited.

For those of you that don't know, I work in the mall at a Pillow Pets kiosk. I love it! I don't necessarily love the product (unless you want to buy some, then it is the greatest thing since sliced bread!) but it's more the atmosphere I love. I work right next to a greenteaDAILY kiosk and an HCG kiosk, and all of the people are so cool! Plus, I'm just a stone's throw (who coined THAT phrase?) from a PretzelMaker, and I honestly don't think I've ever met such a rad group of people. They're all so cool, and maybe some of them are kind of dreamy and have nice smiles. I don't know, I couldn't say. Or could I?! I could. But I won't.

Sorry there aren't lots of pictures or anything, but I'm mostly just looking to write on here. I have a Tumblr where I post a lot of pictures, but I also do a lot of swearing and possibly-offensive-opinion expressing (Ha. Haha.), so you can just read this one!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey all.

As you might know, I have about a zillion blog-things floating out there in the ether. Well, I have decided to bring all of them here, so you can read about me, see about me, and keep up with me in one place, which I know all of you have been dying to do.

So here we go!

As of late, I have been pretty busy, with the exception of the last few days, but I'll get to that later.

Currently, I am working two jobs. One is selling Pillow Pets at the mall (BOMB) and the other is grading papers for a professor at UVU. Awesome, right? Yeah. It's pretty great. They add up to about 22 hours a week, so I'm not actually working that much. Come summertime I might have to find another job. Because. . .I'm moving out! Yeah. My friend Marlyse got it in my head that she wanted me to move out with her, and now I've got it in my head that I want to move out. So, you know. Should be just great,

I'm also taking 14 credits at UVU. I'm currently enrolled in personal health and wellness, humanities, oil painting, political science, and physical science. I have to take a biology class in the first summer semester, then I will be done with my associates! Booya! I will most likely go to Utah State next spring, but that's pretty far off in the future I feel like.

Okay, so, for the last like, three weeks I have been sick non-stop. But the last few days have been sort of the pinnacle of my sickness. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said I should be feeling better in the next few days, which is good, because I have missed some school and I am not feeling okay about it.

Also, I am still taking pictures and I love it and I am photographing my aunt Charly's wedding this spring, which I am SOOOO SO excited about!

That's all for the moment.